Privacy Policy

Our goal is to provide you with real estate products that will increase your real estate portfolio to a new level. To simplify the traditional booking process, we have created an online booking system through which a suitable apartment can be booked in minutes. When collecting and processing your personal data, we ensure that your privacy is protected.

We wrote this Privacy Statement to clarify what data we collect about the Users and for what purpose we use it. We will do our best to make our positions easy to understand and unambiguous.

We use the following methods to collect data:

  1. If you share your data with us or give us the right to collect it using the web store, you as a User will be asked to authorize us to use the data about you. The data about you include:
  2. – Name, or
  3. – Company name
  4. – Personal identification code or company registry code
  5. – Phone number,
  6. – E-mail address
  7. – Such information also includes information about the products and services that the Users have acquired for themselves.
  8. – Using the service – the website also collects technical information through cookies.



We create and save User cookies in order to make the web store more user-friendly. A cookie is a tiny text file that is sent and stored on the User’s computer by web pages that the User visits. The cookie is stored in the User’s web browser’s file directory. In case the User has visited the site before, the browser reads the cookie and transmits the corresponding information to the item that originally stored the cookie. Removing cookies is based on the web browser and facilitated through the browser settings. For more information on how cookies are implemented, visit


For what purposes do we use cookies?

  • The contentsof a shopping cart – When storing the contents of a shopping cart, the User does not have to worry about losing the choices made, and when closing the web browser, is able to continue the next time exactly where they left off.
  • Google Analytics – User data is stored for usage statistics collection purposes. Additionally, the User’s IP address is stored in the Google Analytics Dataset. Statistics allows us to have an overview of User behavior patterns, highlighting the shortcomings of the website and making the online store more personalized and user-friendly in the long run.


What do we do with the data we collect?

We use the data we collect for the purpose of providing the service. As a result, we do not collect data about Users that is not necessary for the provision of the service. User-related data is available on a needs basis:

  • To the User
  • To Scandium Kinnisvara OÜ and Scandium L24 OÜ employees and owners
  • To Remax Plus sales representative
  • To the accountant
  • To the body administering the website
  • To Maksekeskus AS when booking takes place


All related partners share similar principles with us and keep and use the User’s personal data based on the same basic tenets. In order to protect the interests of the user, the processing of personal data between different parties takes place only on the basis of an agreement.

We use customer data for further sales information brokering, invoicing and accounting purposes. Without the collection of key data, the provision of the service is impossible.

In collecting statistical data, we benevolently observe the User’s interest in obtaining a more convenient service and in the trouble-free operation of the website. Statistical data allows us to analyze User behavior patterns when using a web service, allowing us to see which content pages are most used and where the Users face deficiencies.


Direct marketing communications

In case of interest, we will provide the User with newsletters about the purchased real estate developments, new developments, services, and conditions. The User must give the respective consent to receive the newsletters. If the User no longer wishes to receive direct marketing communications, the corresponding reference in the footnote of the email should be selected or the discontinuation request submitted to

When personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, the User has the right at any time to object to both original and further processing of his or her personal data by informing customer support at


How and when do we share the data?

User-specific information is exceptionally available to the User, to the employees and owners of Scandium Kinnisvara OÜ, to the representative of Remax Plus and to the body administering the site.

Scandium Kinnisvara OÜ shares User data with official authorities if there is a reasonable reason to believe that the behavior of the User has a malicious purpose for the company or other Users.

The communication with the banks for the purpose of paying for purchases is encrypted in order to ensure the security of the User’s personal bank identifiers. The online store has no access to banking information.

In other cases, we will only transfer personal information to third parties if we have the consent of the person whose data is being transmitted.


How long will we store the User’s data?

The data is actively used in keeping with the interests of the Customer and in the period when using the data is necessary for the purpose of the provision of the service. In view of the customer’s interests, the data storage period is not limited in time. The deletion of data takes place in the customer’s written request format, which is sent to By deleting data, we apply the process to all of the associated systems, including our backups and the backups of our partners.


Your rights as a User in managing your data.

As a customer, you have the right to access your personal data at any time by submitting an inquiry to Personal data cannot be accessed if this right is restricted by law.

The User has the right at any time to withdraw his or her consent for the processing of personal data unless the processing of personal data is permitted by law without your consent. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing of the data on the basis of consent prior to the withdrawal.

If you find that your personal data are not processed under the terms of the agreement or in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, you are entitled to request the service company Scandium Kinnisvara OÜ and Scandium L24 OÜ to terminate processing and access to your personal data and delete the data collected.   You can apply for this by contacting Scandium Kinnisvara OÜ at or contact the Data Protection Inspectorate


How to contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us:

  • +372 58 040 589



Laava24 uses cookies. Cookies are necessary for ease of use aswell as statistical purposes. By continuing to use this website we ask you to consent to our privacy policy. For more infomation of our policy feel free to read more here